Brake & Clutch Services

Clutch and Brake Servicing is just as important as a regular Car Service on your vehicle, In fact the brakes are the most important system on your vehicle.

We tend to neglect anything further than the brake or clutch operations due to the costs involved in the repairs.

For the safety of you and your family as well as other road users its not worth the risks , so we recommend to keep up with Your brake need and repairs to perform at all times ,as well as your pads, rotors and drums.

Here at RR Autotech we can carry out services on your cars clutch and brake hydraulic systems.

Checking for signs of wears and leakage!

When do I need a Clutch and Brake Service?

  • When you apply the brakes your car loses grip and the wheels lock up or when your brake light, ABS, ESP and TCS light stays on.
  • If the car tends to go left or right when the brakes are applied.
  • Your brake pedal suddenly feels “spongy” to you i.e. the original firmness is no longer there.
  • High RPM and the car is not moving, that is a sign of the clutch slipping.
  • Noise coming from the gear box but not sure if the gear box is the problem? Pop in and we will make time to assist you as it could be serious.
  • If the car starts vibrating or shuddering under braking you may need immediate assistance, give us call if this happens and do not operate the vehicle.
  • A high “screeching” or “squealing” noise is a sure indication you need to see us and get your brakes checked.
  • When you apply the brakes and the car is not slowing down immediately and it takes time to stop, then it’s definitely time to get your brakes checked.