Cooling System & Radiator Services

It is recommended that a cooling system maintenance check be performed at least once every two years. Consult your vehicle owners manual for specific log book guidelines.

Coolant degrades over time, Rust and scale deposits can build up in the cooling system and can lead to poor coolant circulation, overheating and vehicle breakdowns.

But with regular service and check ups you can prevent you and our family being stuck road side especially on on those long trips away.

What We Include In This Service:

  • A visual inspection of all cooling system components, including belts and hoses.
  • A radiator cap pressure test to check for the recommended system pressure level.
  • Thermostat checks for proper opening and closing operations
  • A pressure test to identify any external leaks to the cooling system parts, including the radiator, water pump, engine coolant passages, radiator , heater hoses and heater core
  • An internal leak test to check for combustion gas leakages into the cooling system.
  • An engine cooling fan test for proper operation.