New Car Log Book Services

Dealerships will often tell you that once you have purchased a vehicle with them that you must bring your car back into there store to maintain your new car Warranty!

The reality of this is that 90% of the service requirements on your new vehicle involves, changing the oil and oil filter as well as a safety check per new car log book.

Scheduled services can be carried out by any licensed independent workshop.

We aim to offer and believe we can offer significantly sharper prices with lower overheads and a much more compact cost base. We have the latest specialized diagnostic tools to carry out new car services and repairs.


If you want to go outside the authorized servicing center but still want to keep your new car warranty -The ACCC says you need to meet these three fundamental conditions:

  1. The person doing the job needs to be what the ACCC calls ‘qualified staff’ – in other words, a party or parties other than an authorized dealer who is capable of performing car servicing, so that means the person who works on your car needs to be a qualified mechanic.
  2. The service needs to be done to what the ACCC calls ‘manufacturer’s specifications’. The Two key points there are – you need to get the service done when it’s due. Either by time or the distance (whichever comes first). All jobs specified by the manufacturer for that particular service need to be done in that service.
  3. The ACCC says both genuine and appropriate quality non-genuine parts are acceptable. So, genuine parts aren’t a warranty-preserving prerequisite. The issue here isn’t who manufactures the parts, but whether they’re fit for purpose. So, you don’t even need to use genuine parts – as long as the parts you do use are designed to do the job, and meet or exceed appropriate standards. Good independent mechanics are generally plugged into a solid supply chain of quality alternative aftermarket parts, that means you may save even more.

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